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Two (or more) Faced

Anyone else’s narc two faced, or that’s just mine?

One things for certain, my narc wore many faces. They basically depended on who he was around. 

For example:

This is the same man who proposed to me in a   drawn out ceremony at Auletto’s, and later told his family  that we weren't engaged, and if I had a ring  I bought it myself. FYI: I've had 3 engagement and wedding  rings total from this man;  he’s one for big gestures when he feels you removing yourself.

This is the same man who told his family I broke into his house and burglarized it. It's actually his brothers house, well he doesn't have a brother, he's an only child. You see where I'm going with this? So yeah, he told his family I burglarized his non-brother, cousin brothers whoever he is to him, house. What I look like, a registered nurse, breaking into someone's home? I'm too cute for jail people. Oh and btw: my  REAL brother in law had family in that street, apparently a crack head was breaking in to multiple peoples houses during that time period. I digress.

This is the same man who planned a baby with me, all the way down to purchasing an ovulation kit, then told his family  I wasn't pregnant and later when he could no longer refute it, told them it wasn't his.One who went to my ultrasound appointment and did a literal flip in the doctors office and ran down the hall screaming in excitement that he was having a boy, the other....see above.

One was there with me in the delivery room when I gave birth to his namesake, the only child he will ever have and the only grandchild for his parents, cut the cord, dressed him in his first picture outfit (the hospital nicknamed my son the suit baby because his father would not accept no when he asked if he could dress him in a suit lol), and then a week later called me a "wh*re  c*m dumpster" on our way home from the first doctor appointment when I asked him if had cash to pay the $10 co-pay.  I mean damn if it was all that, I could have just paid lol.  He got thrown out shortly thereafter, sent back to his parents house, and then forced me to take a paternity test for his son. How dumb did he look. Oh wait, he doesn't have morals or remorse.

One side called my then best friend of 27 years a "f*g" and a "juicy fruit" then in a later conversation, showed my best friend a screenshot of me complaining about him to my HUSBAND, thus initiating the downfall of said friendship. Same ex best friend, invited him and his new girlfriend (while we were married) to his parents anniversary trip in Washington.

Mind you this is the same best friend who sent me money and told me to leave him when I broke down the abuse I was enduring, including but not limited to the time the narc threw me and my son out of the house at 8 pm with nothing but my car keys and the diaper on my sons backside. Said best friend is a another subject, let's visit him later.

This is the same man who would go to church and throw up the praises with, hold an office in (his whole family hold offices in said church 😂) and kiss his wife on New Years, the same church where his mistress praised God with them when I wasn’t there. I digress.

This is the same man who took me on a 40th birthday  cruise, in the Haven  no doubt (great, expensive trip, thanks! And shout out to NCL, I miss y’all), and the night we got back left me at his grandmothers house watching the super bowl with his family, while he left to meet up with his mistress.

Same man who didn't take his own son to the Eagles super bowl parade (that's history people we will probably never see it again 😂) later that week, only for me to find out he went to said parade with his mistress. BTW , he came home and spent the night after the parade with me. Wondering  where he was??? Now you know.

So anywho, what are some of the many faces you’ve seen with your narc? It’s almost scary, right?

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  • anonymous

    My narc is the type of narc that’ll give you the world but put everything is his name so you have no power. They’ll buy it before you do so it’s his, you’ll look around and everything will be his. It’s the good ol “How can you be upset when you have everything you want.” Here’s the thing, we don’t want THINGS, us empaths want what money can’t buy, we want quality time, loyalty, conversations about the future, the things that WE bought together, investments together. The narc uses his wealth and charm as a mask, underneath of it all is his/her desire to control due to their dark insecurities, low self-esteem, and childhood abandonment issues. Their two-faced veil of deception can only last for so long. Get out while you can, they don’t change…ON GOD lol

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