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Building Resilience

I'm gonna start this post off with a quote: "Life is not always going to be perfect. Sometimes you get handed something you weren't expecting......but you don't give up. You make the adjustment. If it doesn't go how you originally planned, just make the adjustment...."~The Ghetto Commentator The ghetto commentator, as my friends and I call him, just happens to be my father. How'd he get that name, lol? Imagine growing up with a parent who makes every adversity faced into a comical situation. That is my father 😂. In psychology, resilience is defined as the ability to adapt in the face of adversity or significant sources of stress, and to over come and bounce back form these situations. Basically,...

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What Do YOU Do When Something/Someone Just Grinds Your Gears??

Learn Your Emotional Buttons and How to Lessen Their ImpactWe all have emotional triggers. There are just situations and people that seem to set us off without warning (burns our biscuits, as my sister would say). You might be enraged by someone that interrupts you, while someone else is bothered by clutter. We each have a unique set of emotional triggers. Our reaction is similar to a reflex. Someone presses the button and a negative emotional response springs into action. So what can you do when a situation or person just burns your biscuits? I for one am working on this aspect of myself, but I do know God ain’t done with me yet 😂.  Here are some strategies for handling...

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