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“Do You Feel Bad For Outing Your Narc?”

Do I feel bad for outing the narc?

Yes....see below for disclaimer:

When I first decided to start this journey, I was ambivalent. How would this make my ex feel? Would he be embarrassed? Angry? Hurt?

Then I realized....that's just me eMpathing again n’ shit. After all, did he think about me when he was telling lies to other people, destroying my reputation, friendships, finances....my life in general? No he did not.  And I am STILL suffering years later.

The eMpath in me is sorry that it had to go down this way, but she's also happy to be free. And now it's time the world knows the truth. About me. About all empaths. About all survivors of narcissistic abuse. We deserve  better. The world deserves to know the  true us. And they gonna learn today, and every day hereafter.....that is my mission, and I choose to accept it!

DISCLAIMER ALERT: I feel as bad for outing him as he did for while he was  smearing my name, ruining my friendships, tarnishing my reputation, ruining my finances, ruining my mental, emotional and physical health. Oh wait, he didn't feel bad at all (in fact he reveled in it).  Energy returned.

I'm not trying to sound mean or harsh, but that "do you feel bad for..." talk is our eMpath voice worrying about another's feelings before our own, yet again. I don't feel bad for telling my story. It needed to be told, and it's time. Im not looking for vengeance, sympathy, or even to clear anything up. I've moved so far past that point. I am just telling my side of the story. I honestly don't even know if anyone is listening. But whether or not someone is listening, I've a story to tell....and I'm gonna.

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  • anonymous

    Short answer: NO
    I cannot express the importance of reaching out to your inner circle about what’s going on in your relationship. I’m not talking about nagging about everything little thing you don’t like in your relationship. I’m talking about when you feel like you’re being mentally abused, confused, and your self worth is at an all-time low. Narcs prey on empaths because we tolerate a lot of shit. We see the best in people! We initially wanted to help them, "If I could only get him to….(insert whatever). There’s nothing wrong with that but a relationship shouldn’t be a project, you shouldn’t have to teach someone not how to be a control freak, you shouldn’t have to teach someone how to be vulnerable with you. You’ll be surprised once you expose the narc to your inner circle that they’ve had similar experiences with these personality types. If your educated enough to know the abuse is serious enough to leave without exposing the narc then leave but if you’re new to the whole narc game and terms like gaslighting you may be finally waking up from the narc spell. In this case, you have to reach out to someone you trust to break down what’s going on. Once you do you’ll be free! You’ll feel bad exposing them but you must do this for yourself before you get sucked back into the narc manipulation. They’ll use their looks, charm, cuddles, all the things that they know they’re good at, all the things they know you like, and use that to suck you back in. DO NOT GO BACK, call your empath friend, watch the youtube videos, get therapy, but whatever you do, do not go back…ON GOD…again lol

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